Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate change - more

Two recent items found on the BBC site (and elsewhere). Firstly the news that we are on course for a 4 to 6 degree temperature rise around the end of the century. Emissions are still rising despite the attention the problem is getting - clearly we are not taking it seriously enough.

Lots of interesting facts in this article such as:

"Emissions from within the UK's borders, for example, fell by 5% between 1992 and 2004, says the GCP analysis.
However, emissions from goods and services consumed in the UK rose by 12% over the same period."

Secondly a look at the question of which countries are most responsible for causing human-induced climate change. Some very interesting graphs showing historical carbon footprint - during the period 1751-2006 the US and Europe each produced over 80 Gigatonnes. Other countries will take a very long time to catch up with that.

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