Thursday, November 22, 2007

Preparing for Bali

A timely editorial in Stabroek News covers the main points from a Guyana prespective. I often refer to this paper because it often has good articles on this subject and also, very importantly, has online archives which are easily accessed.
From the editorial:
"... the focus of Guyana's preparatory work for COP13 in Bali and its interventions at that forum must be to build consensus among the participating HFLD countries to pursue a strategy aimed at achieving the outcome of a post-Kyoto carbon credit mechanism that provides incentives not only for reforestation in countries where tropical forests have already been destroyed, but equally for those that are exercising responsible stewardship over their intact forests. "
"Developing countries such as Guyana also require funding of the technology for adaptation and for implementation of measures to mitigate climate change impacts and such funding must also be seen as necessary commitments by developed countries and the global and regional financial institutions."
Note: HFLD means High Forest Low Deforestation

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