Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting has begun

A major event for Guyana though not as much of a strain on our transportation system as the Cricket World Cup. The media here have quite a bit of coverage especially on the environmental issues raised.
Am hoping there will be real actions deriving from this event...
Our President offered our forest too support action against climate change - a good idea. Of course the forest is doing all it can, it just has to be allowed to continue to do so... I entirely agree that leaving existing forests standing gets no credit in the present scheme of things (see Credit for our trees).
Some news items about the CFMM:
Offer of entire forest in climate fight stands
Guyana forest offer for Heads meeting

Sunday 21st - the Meeting is over. Not sure what will come of it but it does seem that some serious discussion of climate change did place. Time will tell.

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