Monday, June 25, 2007

More from ICANN San Juan

Sunday the LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) Regional At Large Organisation worked hard getting itself organised. This organisation is made up of representatives from various civil society and other organisations in the region and itself represents these groups of users to ICANN. This is a recent innovation by ICANN.
A session on Domain Tasting was thought-provoking. The activity seems to have little merit. Domain kiting even less. I won't attempt to explain these here (see Wikipedia) but I believe a measure used to evaluate such activities should be their usefulness to society. Work should be of service to others and contribute to the well-being of mankind. Like a tree man should produce fruits. Activities which only take, produce nothing and even have negative effects on others are anti-social. And that brings to mind day trading...
The day ended with a group of us in a small Italian restaurant - good food, good company.

Monday. The opening session. Boredom expected. Actually interesting, presentations short which helped. Including Bernadette Lewis from the Caribbean Telecommunications Union was very good so that the speakers were not all from the US. ICANN is still some-what US oriented...

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