Friday, May 04, 2007

Biofuels Potential in Guyana

See the GyDG for details about the ECLAC report on biofuels in Guyana... here
From the abstract:
"Present conditions of the energy and the agro-industrial sector of Guyana provide an excellent opportunity for the production and use of ethanol as a source of fuel in the country. Furthermore, in addition to price considerations, it is important to be able to produce locally part of the national energy demand, using available natural resources and proven technologies. This would also stimulate diversification in the sugarcane industry which is currently exposed to well known challenges. Moreover, the use of ethanol as a source of energy would have significant environmental advantages. All together, these conditions make a decidedly sufficient and robust case to promote the use of ethanol for energy security in Guyana."

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Phillipe Copeland said...

I've been curious about Guyana for a long time. Nice to see there is a Baha'i blogger down there.