Friday, December 29, 2006

Guyanese bloggers - a list of blogs

Looking around for other Guyanese bloggers I found a list at the blog of friend Taran (of Trinidad), many of which are not very active. I decided a quick review might be useful so here it is. I include what other sites I found using dependable Google and ended up with a better list of active blogs - a dozen or so, mostly at Blogspot. I have omitted sites which no longer exist, are no longer blogs or have not been updated for more than a year. This blog is included for completeness though I am at a loss as to how to describe it...

Some observations - a number of blogs started around the time of the national elections (August 2006), two bloggers account for nearly half the blogs both of whom seem to be politically motivated, most use Blogspot.

Golden Grove - Nabaclis Historical Society - politics and history (Started 2004)
Guyana - local tales and stories (Started 2005)
Guyana - Civil Society Speaks - general commentary (Started 2005)
Guyana - Open For Business - general commentary (Started 2004)
Guyana Diaspora - achievements of Guyanese overseas (Started 2006)
Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society - local history (Started 2004) Blog - general commentary (Started 2006)
Guyana Plunder Without Profit - forestry issues (Started 2006)
Guyana Providence Stadium - about the new cricket stadium and CWC 2007(Started 2005)
Guyana Visionaries - general commentary (Started 2005)
Guyana 360 - general commentary (Started 2006)
Living Guyana - a blog of a media critic (Started 2005)
Wondering Thoughts - a diverse and unusual collection of posts on development, IT and other issues
The Guyana Grove - general commentary from a woman's perspective (Started 2005)
The People of East Coast Demerara - politics and history (Started 2005)

Not so active - Two or less updates in the past 6 months
Descendants Of Sancho - family history (Started 2002)
Edgar Mittelholzer - literary / historical (Started 2006)
Guyana Resource Center - useful cricket links (Started 2005)
Jono's Blog - literary / historical, many links (Started 2006)
Kyk-Over-Al - literary / historical (Started 2005)
Martin Carter - literary / historical (Started 2005)


Taran said...

Sorry about not responding to your email, Andy - on drugs for dental work. :-( I'll add your blog today. In fact, by the time you read this it will probably have been added already.

Good idea on the listings. There are quite a few that just don't post regularly, and given the time frame that has passed - it is time to see who is blogging and who used to blog. Breaking them up by activity, as you have, is ideal. :-)


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JC said...


I don't know when you're going to sign into the Guyana Gazette again, but I sent you a PM telling you about my blog called Guyana's Overstream.

I feature one recent Guyanese video and one picture every week. In addition to that, I seek to offer some of my own take on what goes on in our country and try to offer ideas.

Cheers, JC Bollers