Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nobody will read this

Well not quite. I have read it.

But really there are around 100 million blogs and a 1000 million internet users. From personal experience I would guess most users do not read blogs. Some have a few favourite blogs. Very few read many blogs. Bloggers cannot expect to become famous now.

I don't mind. If a few people such as family members or friends get some valuable from these pages that's fine with me. Objective achieved.

Of course I could start throwing some keywords around like crazy to get some hits with Google but it would only get buried at search page 3245...


munimouse said...

Very nicely written with a refreshing twist of dry humour

dan said...

just to let you know that I didn't read this

Seng said...

Right on. The number of blogs and bloggers can only be matched by the number of interested members of society in finding connection, spiritual in some sense.

Information explosion is the order of the day, and there's too much to download into our limited mind to absorb.

It's the hit and miss that brought me to this site. But do keep going, and more will drop in like me the curious George.

Have fun while we can!