Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guyana's Low Carbon Development Strategy

On June 8th our President launched Guyana's Low Carbon Development Strategy entitled 'Transforming Guyana's Economy While Combating Climate Change'. Having been present I recieved a printed copy but the document along with other supporting documents is available at the website.

The strategy was well recieved and its presentation was followed by sessions in which details were clarified and some initial comments made.

This writers initial impression was very favourable. The main thrust of the strategy was to present the maintenance of Guyana's forests as a service countering global warming and to seek financial remuneration to continue this service indefinitely. Details of how this is to be done are given and also how the income generated is to be used to promote development. I cannot really comment on the method used to evaluate the forests. To me the general idea seems to be entirely sensible and fair but the implementation depends heavily on international acceptance of this. See previous posts on the subject of Guyana's forests.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New environment web site

With the launching of the Low Carbon Development Strategy there is an important new web site to add to those mentioned in a recent post. See More soon on the strategy.