Monday, April 13, 2009

Guyana's environmental web sites

Here are the local sites I could identify which related to the environment. First the major government and agency sites:

Climate Change Guyana - site of the government National Climate Committee. A new site with lots of information.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - official government site. Good information about the EPA.

Guyana Energy Agency - official government site. Recently revised.

Guyana Forestry Commission - official government site. A main source for forestry info.

Guyana Geology and Mines Commission - official government site. A lot of info here.

Hydrometeorological Service
of the Guyana Ministry of Agriculture - official government site. Includes climate change info and daily weather forecast.

Iwokrama International Rainforest Programme
. Plenty of info about the rainforest, climate change and the programme. Recently updated.

Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals Control Board
- official government site. Lots of info, updated in 2008.

And now a few other sites of interest:

ECO1 - local NGO

Guyana and the Environment. Some useful general info but not recently updated.

Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society. Info about their activities.

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