Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guyana blogs 2007

The blogging scene changes fast so it is time for a review of Guyana blogs. Not all the blogs in the last review are still active but many are. I have omitted the inactive ones and have not included those which are very new. Also there are a bunch of new blogs by volunteers spending a year or two here (Peace Corps, VSO, interns etc) - this is new trend. Some of them are basically letters home. A few are included only since we are looking here for more general blogs which are likely to be around for some years to come.

Another trend - more 'autoblogs', sites which purport to be blogs but which are generated from content trawled from elsewhere and used to push advertising. Mostly useless rubbish.

How am I finding blogs? Links on other sites. Searching using keywords 'guyana blog'.

From the last review
Golden Grove - Nabaclis Historical Society - politics and history (Started 2004)
Guyana - local tales and stories (Started 2005)
Guyana Diaspora - achievements of Guyanese overseas (Started 2006)
Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society - local history (Started 2004)
Guyana Forestry Blog - forestry issues (Started 2006)
Guyana Providence Stadium - about infrastructure issues (Started 2005)
Guyana 360 - general commentary (Started 2006)
Living Guyana - a blog of a media critic (Started 2005)
The Guyana Grove - general commentary from a woman's perspective (Started 2005)
The People of East Coast Demerara - politics and history (Started 2005)
Wondering Thoughts - a diverse and unusual collection of posts on development, IT and other issues

Guyana's Overstream
- general commentary (2007)
Georgetown (Guyana) Hash House Harriers - "a drinking group with a running problem" (2007?)
Gossip Guyana - gossip for true, music / party scene
Tastes Like Home - food and receipes (2007)
St Stanislaus College - a school blog (2007)
Marian Academy - a school blog (2007)
Fun Times at Guyana High - blog of an intern in Guyana (Luay) (2007)
Fun in Peace Corps Guyana - blog of a volunteer in Guyana (Mark) (2007)

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