Thursday, November 29, 2007

More on tremor

Seems there was a serious quake near Martinique... Probably some minor damage here only.

Guyana feels tremor

At about 15:10 local time Guyana experienced a significant tremor. Certainly magnitude 3. Everyone left our office building but did not see anything falling down. Vehicles were rocking and power lines swaying.
Earthquake somewhere?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Preparing for Bali

A timely editorial in Stabroek News covers the main points from a Guyana prespective. I often refer to this paper because it often has good articles on this subject and also, very importantly, has online archives which are easily accessed.
From the editorial:
"... the focus of Guyana's preparatory work for COP13 in Bali and its interventions at that forum must be to build consensus among the participating HFLD countries to pursue a strategy aimed at achieving the outcome of a post-Kyoto carbon credit mechanism that provides incentives not only for reforestation in countries where tropical forests have already been destroyed, but equally for those that are exercising responsible stewardship over their intact forests. "
"Developing countries such as Guyana also require funding of the technology for adaptation and for implementation of measures to mitigate climate change impacts and such funding must also be seen as necessary commitments by developed countries and the global and regional financial institutions."
Note: HFLD means High Forest Low Deforestation

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guyana blogs 2007

The blogging scene changes fast so it is time for a review of Guyana blogs. Not all the blogs in the last review are still active but many are. I have omitted the inactive ones and have not included those which are very new. Also there are a bunch of new blogs by volunteers spending a year or two here (Peace Corps, VSO, interns etc) - this is new trend. Some of them are basically letters home. A few are included only since we are looking here for more general blogs which are likely to be around for some years to come.

Another trend - more 'autoblogs', sites which purport to be blogs but which are generated from content trawled from elsewhere and used to push advertising. Mostly useless rubbish.

How am I finding blogs? Links on other sites. Searching using keywords 'guyana blog'.

From the last review
Golden Grove - Nabaclis Historical Society - politics and history (Started 2004)
Guyana - local tales and stories (Started 2005)
Guyana Diaspora - achievements of Guyanese overseas (Started 2006)
Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society - local history (Started 2004)
Guyana Forestry Blog - forestry issues (Started 2006)
Guyana Providence Stadium - about infrastructure issues (Started 2005)
Guyana 360 - general commentary (Started 2006)
Living Guyana - a blog of a media critic (Started 2005)
The Guyana Grove - general commentary from a woman's perspective (Started 2005)
The People of East Coast Demerara - politics and history (Started 2005)
Wondering Thoughts - a diverse and unusual collection of posts on development, IT and other issues

Guyana's Overstream
- general commentary (2007)
Georgetown (Guyana) Hash House Harriers - "a drinking group with a running problem" (2007?)
Gossip Guyana - gossip for true, music / party scene
Tastes Like Home - food and receipes (2007)
St Stanislaus College - a school blog (2007)
Marian Academy - a school blog (2007)
Fun Times at Guyana High - blog of an intern in Guyana (Luay) (2007)
Fun in Peace Corps Guyana - blog of a volunteer in Guyana (Mark) (2007)