Thursday, May 03, 2007

Climate Change Symposium

Recently, on the evening of April 23rd, a very interesting climate change syposium was held to mark Earth Day. Organised by the University of Guyana School of Earth and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with WWF and CI it offered presentations by half a dozen well qualified speakers. Also present were the Prime Minister, Minister Jeffrey, Presidential Advisor Chanderpal and UG staff.

Zainool Rahaman (Hydrometeorological Office) spoke on "Understanding climate change and its consequences" and described the current situation in Guyana.

Dr Mark Bynoe spoke about "Climate change and food security" emphasising the dependence of Guyana on agriculture and moves being made to mainstream climate change adaption.

Dr Patrick Williams outlined the work being done by WWF.

And Eustace Alexander outlined the Conservation International programme.

Dr David Singh (Iwokrama) spoke on "Poverty, Development and Climate Change". In particular he emphasised the need for a robust carbon trading scheme which would encourage the control of deforestation and revalue standing forest.

The final presentation was by Navin Chandarpal on "Climate Change: Guyana's Response". He described the work done in Guyana over the last decade or so and the preparations for work on the Second National Communication. He talked about mainstreaming climate change adaption and the need for scientific studies rather than more policy studies.

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