Friday, May 25, 2007

Climate change creates moral issues

A panel discussion on "The Ethical Dimension of Climate Change," organized by the Baha'i International Community and held in New York during this year's UN Commission on Sustainable Development looked at this issue.

One question asked was "How do we create a willingness to make the sacrifices that are going to be necessary?".

It seems clear that sacrifices will be needed to solve the problem global warming but few politicians seem willing to face this ... no surprise there.

Behaviour change and lifestyle change is needed. Most difficult for those who live most comfortably...
One participant hit the nail on the head when he said that "religious communities believe that the attitude in which humanity views itself in relation to creation is fundamental in changing behavior."
"This is central to the concept of moral action," he said. "If we change our attitudes, we will change our behavior."

Climate change creates moral issues, says panel

Friday, May 04, 2007

Biofuels Potential in Guyana

See the GyDG for details about the ECLAC report on biofuels in Guyana... here
From the abstract:
"Present conditions of the energy and the agro-industrial sector of Guyana provide an excellent opportunity for the production and use of ethanol as a source of fuel in the country. Furthermore, in addition to price considerations, it is important to be able to produce locally part of the national energy demand, using available natural resources and proven technologies. This would also stimulate diversification in the sugarcane industry which is currently exposed to well known challenges. Moreover, the use of ethanol as a source of energy would have significant environmental advantages. All together, these conditions make a decidedly sufficient and robust case to promote the use of ethanol for energy security in Guyana."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Climate Change Symposium

Recently, on the evening of April 23rd, a very interesting climate change syposium was held to mark Earth Day. Organised by the University of Guyana School of Earth and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with WWF and CI it offered presentations by half a dozen well qualified speakers. Also present were the Prime Minister, Minister Jeffrey, Presidential Advisor Chanderpal and UG staff.

Zainool Rahaman (Hydrometeorological Office) spoke on "Understanding climate change and its consequences" and described the current situation in Guyana.

Dr Mark Bynoe spoke about "Climate change and food security" emphasising the dependence of Guyana on agriculture and moves being made to mainstream climate change adaption.

Dr Patrick Williams outlined the work being done by WWF.

And Eustace Alexander outlined the Conservation International programme.

Dr David Singh (Iwokrama) spoke on "Poverty, Development and Climate Change". In particular he emphasised the need for a robust carbon trading scheme which would encourage the control of deforestation and revalue standing forest.

The final presentation was by Navin Chandarpal on "Climate Change: Guyana's Response". He described the work done in Guyana over the last decade or so and the preparations for work on the Second National Communication. He talked about mainstreaming climate change adaption and the need for scientific studies rather than more policy studies.

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