Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rain forest into savannah

In an AP article:
Global warming could spell the end of the world's largest remaining tropical rain forest, transforming the Amazon into a grassy savanna before end of the century, researchers said Friday.

Jose Antonio Marengo, a meteorologist with Brazil's National Space Research Institute, said that global warming, if left unchecked, will reduce rainfall and raise temperatures substantially in the ecologically rich region.

This was an extreme scenario but climate change is happening and the edges of the rain forest are, I would guess, likely to be affected first. So our prized rain forest is definitely under threat. It is time we paid more attention to this issue. We need to take more steps to make our contribution towards reducing carbon emissions. There are things we can do which may actually save us money but do require behaviour change - and that is tough, but not impossible (see link below).


Guyana and global warming

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