Monday, November 30, 2015

Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plan (CRSAP) - draft released

The Office of Climate Change has released the draft CRSAP for Guyana for public review until 18th December. This plan is important and is intended to guide action (and funding) for years to come. This document of nearly 300 pages is fairly technical and cannot be summarised easily so here is a part of the executive summary:
"Climate models project that temperatures will continue to increase and that sea levels and the height of storm surges will rise. Projections also indicate that average annual precipitation will decrease and that the proportion of heavy rainfall events will increase. These in turn are expected to exacerbate adverse social, economic and environmental impacts, and act additional stress factors on systems with vulnerabilities derived from non-climate drivers."
"Specifically, the CRSAP provides:
  • A roadmap for the next five years.
  • Project Concept Notes for four priority climate resilience programmes which can now be
  • developed into full proposals and submitted for funding.
  • A summary of the most significant climate risks and required resilience actions across 15
  • key sectors. These actions are proposed as the basis for the design of new interventions and
  • a pipeline of projects which can be presented for funding and implemented within five years
  • and beyond.
  • A set of capacity building actions that enhance Guyana’s capacity for national adaptation
  • planning and becoming climate resilient to be undertaken within the next five years.
  • A strategy to finance the CRSAP inclusive of the PCNs."