Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our friendly local gecko

Here is a picture of one of our 'house geckos' caught on a window pane.

These geckos are common in houses here and eat many mosquitos and other bugs.

Sometimes one waits on the outside of our mosquito net at night for dinner to arrive. At other times one lurks under a couch and runs out to pounce on a mosquito sitting on my foot - I try not jump when it runs over my foot...

They lay small white eggs, may be 4 or 5, in some corner such as an open box or drawer. They seem to fit the description of the 'common house gecko'.

But now some bad news - UN says carbon cuts too slow

A UN report, reported by the BBC, says that we are making progress too slowly to prevent significant temperature rise:

"A report by the UN says global attempts to curb emissions of CO2 are falling well short of what is needed to stem dangerous climate change.
The UN's Environment Programme says greenhouse gases are 14% above where they need to be in 2020 for temperature rises this century to remain below 2C."
Urgent and decisive action could keep temperature rises this century below 2C but governments do not seem willing to do this... kick the can down the road some more...

Good news - world becoming more peaceful

An analysis of factors affecting war and present trends, reported by Wired, has led to a prediction that the world will be more peaceful by 2050:

"An upcoming paper by a political scientist will claim that in 40 years world conflict will plummet, with the greatest decrease occurring in the Middle East."

"Among other things, this will be attributed to war becoming financially pointless (or unfeasible), education increasing, infant mortality decreasing and the world's youth populations becoming smaller."