Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System (SG-SCS)

Finally the contract is signed for better connectivity for Guyana! This new optical fibre cable begins in Trinidad and connects to Guyana and Surinam. Since it is under-sea straight to Georgetown it should be much more reliable than the existing Americas II which has a very long and trouble-prone over-land section from French Guiana to Georgetown.

According to the Stabroek News GT&T CEO Major General (ret’d) Joe Singh said that the new cable "will ensure sufficient capacity to more than cover all foreseeable transmission requirements". I hope Joe will not mind if I say that feel that even in ten years time this will change and there will be a need for even more bandwidth. By that time there will be more 'cell phones' (or what they have become) each of which may be using 100 times the bandwidth they currently do. And home PCs (or whatever) will be using 10-100 times the bandwidth they do now.

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