Monday, August 20, 2007

Stabroek News article on domain names

A very useful article in the Sunday business section by Patrick van Beek has drawn attention to the value of using .gy domain names for business purposes.
He says:
I think that empowering Guyanese individuals and firms with the ability to use .gy domain names should have widespread benefits. Firstly it creates a visible indicator to the rest of the world of Guyana's existence. Every email sent with a .gy extension puts Guyana on the map. It also sends the signal that Guyana is embracing information communications technology and that we are partaking in the knowledge economy.
Some further clarification is also useful:
1. Non-commercial domains are currently available at G$2400 per year from DevNet (previously SDNP, who also do hosting)
2. The Registry (at the University) currently charges G$5000 per year according to their web site.
3. Make sure YOU own the domain NOT the person who does your web site. You need to be the 'Administrative contact'. Otherwise you may lose control of your web site. This has happened...

Note: I am currently working at DevNet... :) but the facts are accurate.

The Stabroek News article
GY Domain Name Registry

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