Friday, June 29, 2007

ICANN continued - the sequel

Wednesday was a day of cruising from one session to another. However there was another good session for Caribbean fellowship people to give input on the ICANN Strategic Plan. Later I attended to ISOC (Internet Society) meeting where many chapters reported in and topical issues discussed in the limited time available.
Finally, after looking in on some other sessions there was the meeting of 'fellow fellows' for some additional briefing - this took place each day though I failed to mention it.

Thursday. Whole day in a technical session for ccTLDs (I'll explain it this time - operators of top level country domains). Real interesting presentation by Bill Woodcock (CERT) on the Estonia incident. Other stuff on DNSSEC and Anycast.
By now the frenetic merry-go-round of meetings has slowed with busy people taking off for distant lands. Looks comparatively quiet...
Final fellowship session, the obligatory photo and the parting of friends...

Friday. A look in at the ICANN Board meeting. Not sure if I would feel comfortable consulting on a stage like that with a hundred people watching... off to check out the mall and the narrow streets and alleys of old San Juan. Trying not to think too much of the long flight up to Miami and right back down to Trinidad and on to Guyana. Thank God I am not going further.

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