Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dr Trotz on climate change in Guyana

On Friday there was an excellent presentation on climate change from a Caribbean and Guyanese perspective. The event was initiated by the GMTCS with support from several other organisations. The speaker was Dr Ulric (Neville) Trotz, Science Advisor for the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belize. He is, of course, well known and much respected locally
He was introduced by Joe Singh who needs no introduction to Guyanese.
I only realised that the event should be blogged afterwards - clearly I am new to this and should have made notes...
Dr Trotz did a good job of reviewing the facts and the development of the international action (and lack of action) on the issue. He also talked about the struggle of developing countries to get recognition for their point of view. There is much that needs doing and the international political climate is not very favourable. He mentioned improvements in computer models used for forecasting - of particular interest to me since I worked on such models years ago.
I will not attempt to summarise all that he said but the links below should help.
Following the presentation there was a lively question and answer session. Both Minister Robert Persaud and Navin Chanderpaul made remarks in repsonse to questions to the effect that the Government is trying to take climate change in to account within limits imposed by resources available and international political considerations (I do not recall their comments in detail). Work has been done locally over a number of years - see link below.
Mention was made of further presentations and there was talk of an email list to help share information about such activities. I am sure DevNet can help with that.

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre - see Downloads for reports etc
CARICOM page for the CCCCC
2004 Presentation by Dr Trotz on Climate Change (PDF)
Guyana Initial National Communication (UNFCCC) (PDF)

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